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Polished Porcelain Tile Style: Mistakes To Look For While Installing

With the introduction of more elegant tiles style, house owners are opting polished porcelain tiles for remodeling or decorating their houses. Porcelain tiles are beautiful, available in various textures and sizes, and affordable for your construction project. They are perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom flooring, backsplashes, and many more.


Nowadays, passionate builders opt for luxurious and fresh designs, as it attracts homebuyers and provides them comfortable living space. If you are planning to remodel your house with Calacatta marble porcelain tile, remember to look for these mistakes before tiles installation.




Pro Tip 1


If you consider remodeling your home, ensure that the floor or surface is prepared before installing tiles. Old walls, floors, and countertops are bumpy and uneven, ask the professional to precisely smooth the surface. 


A well-furbished floor holds porcelain tiles tightly and nicely to ramp up the flooring. If tiles are placed on an uneven surface, chances are they will look disgraceful and can pump out form the surface. 


Ensure that each surface is maintained well before tile installation. Check for damages or cracks in the surface to ensure that the base is stable for holding and maintaining the tiles in a long period.


Pro Tip 2


Layout the tiles before the beginning of tile installation, as it will give you an idea about how various tile textures is complementing your entire space. For instance, the kitchen is spaces require comfortable flooring for easy cleaning and maintenance. 


It is obvious that kitchen floors and countertops suffer from oil and liquid stains; in such a scenario, polished porcelain tiles are the best choice. They are non-porous; thus, they do not soak stains on their surface and can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth. 




Pro Tip 3


No one likes to see tiles that pop up after some time of installation. For fine flooring, ensure that enough thin-set is applied on the floor to protect any gaps and cracks between tiles. 


Thin-set acts as a glue, which is mixed in water for making a thin paste. It is then applied over a surface, and then Calacatta marble porcelain tiles are then laid over it for embedding them into the floor precisely.


Pro Tip 4


After installing tiles in your house, wait for the thin-set to dry. Thin-set takes approximately 24 hours to dry completely; therefore, wait for the curing process. If you walk on the tiles while thin-set is wet, you might displace the tiles, or pop them up. Disturbing the freshly installed tiles may damage your floor finishing, and if a tile breaks, it will cost you extra.


Proper instructions should be followed that are told by professionals for well-furnished flooring. Try to resist your urge to walk on newly laid tiles, and allow the thin-set and grout to dry entirely. 




Pro Tip 5


Installing tiles polished porcelain tiles on the floor is common; it is a time to shift the interior designing in an advanced way. Look for windows, outlets, bathroom walls, or doorways to change their traditional outlook into an attractive and trendy way. 


You can choose Calacatta marble porcelain tiles for your bathroom walls and flooring. This type of project requires time and an expert’s hand. If you need to revamp your bathroom with uncut porcelain tiles, then choose a company that has a maximum of five years’ experience in the tile construction business. 


Porcelain tiles are available in various colors, pick the one that matches with your indoor space, be it a kitchen, room, or bathroom. Before installing tiles in your house, remember these pro tips for making your interior look fresh, even, and elegant.





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