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Questions People Have Regarding Polished Calacatta Porcelain Tiles:

What is Calacatta marble porcelain tile?

A porcelain tile has a marble look that gives an elegant style for the floors. It is in trend with the name of 'Calacatta tiles.' These tiles are the Italian-style innovation, which has ash grey color veins over the plain background on the tiles. The amazing thing is that these tiles are ideal for a simple and sophisticated look in residential and commercial areas.


The Calacatta porcelain tile is robust, scratch-free, and stain-resistance. It can handle high foot traffic, and it is the first choice of flooring for many companies. The Calacatta polished porcelain tile is becoming popular among homeowners.


Which Calacatta porcelain tile is best to buy?


There are two best types of Calacatta marble porcelain tiles available in the market. Let us see what they are and why they are so popular.


Glazed porcelain tiles: They are stiff and sturdy tiles, popular for their glossy and stain-resistant coating. The glazed tiles are primarily made of porcelain with a glaze layer added to the tile's surface. The glaze tiles can have the most beautiful colors and help decorate the house with its stylish textures.


Note: The glazed porcelain tile is durable that does not make it a popular choice for a commercial area. These tiles are mostly limited to residential use only.


Thorough bodied porcelain tiles: They are hard and sturdy, making them a popular choice for industrial areas. The manufacturing of these tiles requires sand and clay, which makes them tough from outside and inside. They are non-porous, thus making them the best choice for kitchen and bathroom areas. 


These porcelain tiles are used in residential and commercial areas for building countertops, walls, and floor coverings.


How durable are Calacatta polished porcelain tiles?


The Calacatta polished porcelain tiles are heated at an extreme temperature, which results in a sturdy, stain-resistance, liquid-resistance, and durable. These tiles can withstand the high cold, massive rain, and other extreme weather conditions.


The Calacatta porcelain tiles are impenetrable to moisture, which prevents the growth of bacteria and stains on the outer surface of the tile. It gives a hygienic environment inside the house, and it is best to use if you have small kids and pets in your home- as it is easy to clean and wipes out the germs in one swipe.


Are polished Calacatta porcelain tiles slippery?


It is considered that polished tiles are slippery, but this is not the case with polished porcelain tiles. This is a fact that no floor guarantees protection against slipperiness; it depends on the angle and speeds you walk on the floor. However, porcelain tiles are less slippery no matter if they are matt or polished, you can run smoothly on them but watch your footsteps. 


How can one clean the Calacatta porcelain tile?


Cleanliness is vital for maintaining the hygiene, shine, and superb condition of the tiles in your house. However, it is advised to clean the tiles daily, but once in a week, a thorough cleaning is necessary. Porcelain tiles do not require harsh cleaning process; it can be cleaned easily.


Let us see the simple steps one can consider to clean the Calacatta marble porcelain tiles.


  • The first process is to clean the tiles using a vacuum cleaner to swipe the loose dust particles.
  • Apply the tile cleaner, and let it sit on the surface for five minutes.
  • Wash the area with normal water thoroughly.
  • Now, wipe the surface using cotton cloths or paper towels.


Style your house with the new Calacatta porcelain tile and let it make a style statement.








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