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How To Look After Your Porsche In The Winter Season

Many passionate drivers choose to store their Porsche in the cold winter months. If you are among the owners who love to look after their Porsche in the winter season, then there are some tips you can follow.


How to store the Porsche in winter?


In the winter season, many owners store expensive sports cars to shelter them from the cold season and the conditions. And, with the harsh weather that winter brings, the risk of accidents is rising. Moreover, for models such as Porsche GT3 and Porsche 966, it is necessary to turn the winter tires, which several owners do not want.


Is it necessary to store the Porsche?


Not exactly, although many drivers tend to store their Porsche in winter, but there are still some owners who turn the winter wheels and drive throughout the year. Considering the uncertainty of the winter and the possibility of a crash, many drivers do not want to endanger their Porsche GT3 and its parts. Thus, they store it in the garage to keep it unharmed for the summer season.


Guidelines to store your Porsche

  • Wash your garage and make sure you can store your vehicle.
  • Clean your Porsche 996 and its parts completely inside and out, including the doors.
  • Adjust the filters for oil.
  • Fit outer rubber and plastic products for security.
  • Fill up the various fluids, using good anti-freeze.
  • Water-cooled Porsche cars require about 50 percent coolant.
  • Triple test the air pressure in tires and over-inflate by 7.9 to 10 psi.
  • To avoid condensation and high airflow, refill the gas tank with quality gas.
  • Porsche suggests that carpet square be placed under the tires.
  • Close all vents and position supplies to neutralize pests.
  • Secure the exhaust pipe.
  • Keep the moisture away by placing the silica gel packs in the Porsche.
  • Do not use brake pedal, use wood or tire locks to block the wheels.
  • Place cotton cloth between the wiper blades and windshield.
  • Pull the windows down by about ten millimeters to reduce the pressure and avoid condensation.
  • Put a bicarbonate soda tray on the Porsche floor to keep it smell fresh.
  • Use an outdoor and indoor cover for outer and inner Porsche parts coverage.

Build a winter protection kit and keep it in your vehicle in the event of an emergency. You can keep enough blankets for the passengers if you need to drive to an emergency during mid-night.

Wheels & Brakes

Fuel & Intake Parts

Climate and environmental factors can show its effect on both interior and exterior parts of the Porsche GT3 or 996 day by day. Proper car maintenance, with high-quality materials, will help avoid this regular stress.


Relaunch it when it is the time to drive in on the roads in spring. Be careful when you wash your Porsche to drive it again; only use authentic cleansers made purposely for Porsche.

Avoid using pressure washer at it may damage the paint of the car.


The Porsche car transmission parts from EBSRacing are optimally designed and specially built for Porsche automobiles. The authentic automobile engineers have tested all the products within the range to better suit the Porsche models.


The high-quality products made solely for interior and exterior parts are specially approved for Porsche GT3, 996, and many more.


Driving a sports car like Porsche is like a dream come true, and every driver wants to keep his/her car like the day he/she first bought it. Thus, the driver is entirely responsible for the care and safety of the Porsche. Use only genuine Porsche GT3 and 966 parts from the authorized dealer who has a minimum of 20 years of experience in this business.



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