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5 Basic Reasons Your Hair Growth Is Stunted; What You Can Do About It?

The struggle of stunted hair growth is common, and every third person is facing these kinds of issues. Fortunately, there are several regrow hair products in the market that can help to tackle hair problems. 


But before using any product, it is important to understand which type of hair you have and what problem your scalp is having. You cannot start with any regimen or treatment before knowing your hair issues. 


Like if your strands have not grown an inch since the last time you took a haircut, then it could be possible that you are suffering from major hair issues. Though several reasons and problems can cause stunted hair growth, and we have compiled a list of common five reasons that pull up hair issues. 


Read on!

Genetics: Length, color, quality, volume, and strength of your hair mostly depends on your genes- yes, your genes play a significant role in influencing your hair growth cycle. So, if you have something related to your genes, then it could be a bit challenging situation to maintain your hair. 


If you have long, healthy, and thick hair without taking care of them, then simply thanks to your genes. 


But here, you don’t have to worry about anything as there are several products like Formula 1C that can help you to enhance your hair quality. 


Poor Hair Habits: 

Poor hair habits like using chemical packed products and choosing heat and bleach on your hair can damage your scalp and can lead to breakage of the hair. These types of practice make your hair weak and fragile. 


Therefore to manage your hair quality and growth, it is necessary to replace poor hair habits with good practices. If you are unsure about choosing to regrow hair products or do not have any idea to manage your hair, you must consult an expert for better guidance. 


Poor Diet: 

Whatever happens to our body, hair, or lifestyle is 90% depends on our diet. Yes, our eating habits directly affect our bodies and hair. There are many things you must cut out from your diet like the food without protein, and vitamins. Many people avoid healthy food, but this not only weakens the body but also affects face and hair. 


Things you must add in your diet;

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fatty Fish
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp


These are limited items, but there are many more you can add in your diet to balance your lifestyle with healthy hair. 


“Note: Consider taking a multivitamin to help with any minerals or vitamins you may be missing. Balance is key!”


Health Issues:

For the woman battling PCOS every day is a struggle to balance hormones; similarly, several health issues cause intense hair growth problems that cannot be controlled easily. So, if you are facing stunted hair growth, then there could be lacking certain vitamins or minerals, or your hormones can be imbalanced. 


Moreover, if you feel that your hair has stopped growing or is shedding at irregular patterns, then it means that your body is trying to tell you something about your health. Here, you must consult experts and go through a full-body check-up before it’s too late. 



Aging not only causes hair gray but also affects its growth, but it is natural, and you should not worry about it. As you reach the next level of your age, your eating habit automatically gets changed, which makes basic changes in your body. Fortunately, there are regrow hair products you can use from a good and genuine company like Formula 1C that can resolve half of your hair growth issues. 


A good diet, regular exercise, and a cheerful lifestyle are some basic points to keep your hair healthy; therefore, try to manage your routine with a good beginning and end it up with good deeds. Your activities reflect your lifestyle!



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