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Importance of Industrial Shredder in Waste Management

Importance of Industrial Shredder in Waste Management

An industrial shredder machine is a machine or a piece of equipment that helps in reducing the size and volume of waste materials. It is heavy duty equipment that can carry high-volume of shredding of different materials such as paper, plastic, e-waste, tires and wood. It helps in recycling of waste and helping the planet from waste pollution. Waste pollution is a matter of concern nowadays, and various steps are initiated to check the different types of pollution. Industrial shredder machine is also known as chipper, grinder or granulator.

How Industrial Shredder Works

The industrial shredder is close to the paper shredder that we find in offices and at organizations. The industrial shredder machine has a large hopper that can handle the high volume of articles to shred, and they have sharp jaws that equipment the wastes into fine particles. It has an automated emergency stop button to control the jaws in case of any emergency. The machines should be handled with care and it should be placed as suggested else it can be dangerous. There are set of sensors on the bottom of the lid which activate the jaws once the materials are placed in the hopper. It can churn a large amount of material in one go and the final product is delivered in the bin.

There are strip-cut shredders that use rotating knives to cut the materials and the cross-cut shredders have two sets of teeth that rotate in reverse directions to get confetti-like squares. A considerable volume is churned into a small quantity and it is neatly packed bales to be used in different industries.

Special Features

  • Vast productivity at low duration
  • Ability to handle all kind of waste in an efficient manner
  • They work on both electricity and hydraulic drive


Advantages of Industrial Shredder

  • Protect the privacy of the company and the employees by destroying circumstantial and identity evidence in the form of documents, and electronic media waste
  • Waste material size is drastically reduced, therefore easy to move and navigate
  • Aids in recycling solid and e-waste
  • It can handle heavy materials and can deliver into bits which are further used for packaging, landscape mulch, and other waste management tricks
  • Saves the planet from waste pollution
  • It is a free resource to manage to package, composting and using as a mulch to protect soil from undue erosion.

How Industrial Shredder Helps in Managing Waste

 The shredded industrial waste is easy to dispose of in landfills, and it takes less space due to a reduction in size. The processed waste are used in agricultural land for packaging glass packs and other fragile items. The use of the final shredded product is multipurpose.

It is easy to transport from one place to another, and it finds an invaluable site resource.

How to Select an Industrial Shredder

Before selecting an industrial shredder, you should keep few things in mind.

  • The volume of matter to be shredded. There are shredders available of different capacities, select the one that serves your purpose
  • Composition of materials to be shredded because there are different types of shredder available, choose the one that serves your purpose or can capacitate various wastes
  • Decide which cutter you want, strip cutter or grinder

Where to Buy

Before buying the final product, survey in the market and read the reviews and feedback of the users. Decide whether you want first-hand industrial shredder or can vouch for an industrial shredder for sale.

Select the brand that you want to buy, the capacity limit that you require to match your needs and your budget.

Get the quote from different vendors and brands and negotiate based on the quality of the Industrial shredder machine.

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